Secrets to App Store Success with Author Shane Lee

Listen to my special interview with Shane Lee, creator of the Beginning iOS Dev website and author of the new book, “The App Store Playbook: Discover How 10 Successful iPhone App Developers Hit It Big Selling Games On The App Store”.

You’ll discover the “behind the scenes” stories of developers who created award winning games such as Canabalt, Bumpy Road, Super Crate Box, and more.

Shane spoke with hundreds of iPhone app developers for the book and in today’s interview, you’ll find out what separates the most successful apps from the rest.

You’ll learn app marketing ideas you can use for your own apps, plus:

  • With over 100,000 games in the App Store today, are there still room for more success stories?
  • With the craze over casual games fading, what Shane thinks will be the next wave
  • How the developers he interviewed came up with their app inspirations
  • The strategies top developers use to promote their apps
  • The big question, why do some apps succeed and others don’t?

Find his book “The App Store Playbook” on Amazon, and visit his Beginning iOS Dev website.


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