Profiting in App Store

Turning Good Mobile App Design into Great Sales

Profiting in App Store

Tweet It’s no secret that Apple’s “secret sauce” is great design. You can see it in their carefully crafted hardware from the new iPhone to their MacBook Air. And you can see it in the details of their software, from the Retina-ready finishes to the seamless user experiences. So it’s not surprising that good design [...]

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How to Submit Your App and Start Selling in the App Store

Profiting in App Store

Tweet If you ever hope to make a profit selling your app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you need to submit it to the App Store. Apple’s online mega mall has millions of visitors each week. Many of them come ready to purchase any app they find that meets their needs. If your [...]

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App Store Optimization: Tips to Successfully Sell Your App

Profiting in App Store

Tweet Successful app marketing starts in the App Store because that is where your customers are. Over 100 million people have purchased an iPhone (not to mention iPod touch and iPad users), giving them easy access to the App Store through their device and computer. According to AdMob, the average user downloads 9 apps for [...]

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The Best Way to Promote Your iPhone App

Marketing App
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Tweet When advertising your iPhone app, you want to be where your potential customers are – online. Internet marketing offers you many ways to spread the word and boost your sales, even on a small budget. The advantages of online marketing for iPhone developers include: It’s low cost: You don’t need a huge budget – [...]

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How Do I Make Money with iPhone Apps?

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Tweet “Can I really make money with iPhone apps?” is a common question developers ask. You might think that there isn’t much to be made from cute games and fun apps, but don’t be fooled: the app revolution has made it very possible for an individual developer to make an app that reaches huge audiences [...]

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